Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Brilliant movie,Well shot, good camera work and locales, a simple believable plot - a trip which involves facing ones fears and overcoming them having fun. The movie uses adventure sports to make the point. Brilliant lines from Javed Akthar - mouthed via the character played by Farhan Akthar...nice dialogues more so the one liners or rather comments to situations.The only downside if any was that the movie felt a tad bit long (on second/third viewing).

Delhi Belly

Three youngsters (friends) set in Urban India from the working/middle class... caught in a muddle with gangsters chasing them over a courier gone weary, how they come to the passe, and the circumstances leading up to it is very unreal making the plot very weak.

What goes for the movie though is the that it is very well edited, the language has a novelty value in the context of urban Indian movies and captures well the language and humor that belongs to that section of the society in various parts of India. More importantly unlike is some movies (No one killed Jesica, where it did not feel natural) the whole interaction between the characters and the dialogues seemed very natural and not out of place nor did it feel that it was done just for the sake of doing it.... Assume that was one of the largest reasons the movie made a positive impact and did not feel like a wannabe. Yet another very watchable movie from the  Aamir Khan Production stable

The performances were good, Poorna Jagannathan was super hot.... Kunaal Roy Kapur did a brilliant Indian version of  Zach Galifianakis  The rest of the cast pulled their weight...

Recommendation :7/10 - Me liked the Movie - Should watch - Unless you have  an issue with abusive language. Don't even think of taking the kids with you, unless you want them springing the four letter word at the most embarrassing places

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