Wednesday, February 22, 2023

If I Had Three Lives - Sarah Russell

 If I had three lives, I'd marry you in two.

And the other?  That life over there 
at Starbucks, sitting alone, writing -- a memoir, 
maybe a novel or this poem.  No kids, probably, 
a small apartment with a view of the river, 
and books -- lots of books and time to read.  
Friends to laugh with; a man sometimes, 
for a weekend, to remember what skin feels like 
when it's alive.  I'm thinner in that life, vegan, 
practice yoga.  I go to art films, farmers markets, 
drink martinis in swingy skirts and big jewelry.  
I vacation on the Maine coast and wear a flannel shirt
weekend guy left behind, loving the smell of sweat 
and aftershave more than I do him.  I walk the beach 
at sunrise, find perfect shell spirals and study pockmarks 
water makes in sand.  And I wonder sometimes 
if I'll ever find you.