Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rushdie unwelcome, Why?

Salman Rushdie
The headline was pretty much the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning. The news on Rushdie being eased out of the Jaipur literature festival, that got my goat for sure.... my thoughts took me to Balbir Krishan who was in news a few days back, displaying our growing intolerance and the extent to which the extreme views with their violent actions are holding freethinking and expression to gun point.... this whole thought process lead to the raising up of so many of the older happenings.. M F Hussain, Taslima and so on..... as I continued to wake up, clarity  dawned. To write about all of them in one piece would muddy the waters with too much to say and each point having different shades and hues....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year Gone By

A year gone by, many a times is that mile stone that provides some of us the needed excuse to look back, assess the happening and at times allows us to wonder how much did we travel, if at all we did....

After very many years, felt that the year gone by was not brilliant..... yet when I looked at the fine print, there were sure a few stress points... the year started with an imminent closure of the business line I was involved in, the element of uncertainty that brought was one, another was I had gone on not only to like the city (as I had never done before-best part of my life I had not liked Chennai too much)I also went on to make a few good friends after many years ( For a long time until then had not made many new friends who would belong to my inner circle so to say). Just as much as I missed home and family for the period I was away, and looked forward eagerly to get back, leaving Chennai and the bunch of friends did add to a few stress lines.  Add to that, an unexplained estrangement of a  friend. On the home front, the wife had challenges far larger on her work front,which saw her in quasi government agency offices,and police stations more then in the clinic through the first quarter of the year managing the owner (whom we saw in poor light to say the least) of her then premises.

Having said all of that, I had more reasons to celebrate. Through the clinic-landlord fiasco the wife found a lot of support from local residence associations and the elders involved. We found a lawyer in a friend of ours, Geeta-who was a huge blessing and was instrumental in the end game in finding closure with out us loosing out financially. The wife went on to find a good place on the same street keeping disruption to the minimum.Mid this year started writing on my blog, though sparse (in quality and quantity) it is something I have enjoyed.
2011 saw me take some of my best road trips, started the year with a couple of memorable drives through