Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Changing Heroes

As we grow, our heroes change, the reasoning transform, the passion involved mellows.. Our experiences, intellect , rationale, egos, growing cynicism all of these play a role in the transformation. 

Vinoo Mankad
As a child most of us start of with our Dad being the hero (more often than not the mother grows in stature at a later stage in life, could be the overall male chauvinistic world..). Starts with Dad and then goes on to looking up to personalities he thinks of as his heroes (Which in all probability would be one generation further  up). A few years down add a few uncle's or aunt's who start becoming the be all and end all..As we begin to grow out of the 'My Daddy Strongest' phase we start to find our feet along with siblings,peers, friends.. as the years run along one starts to see the need to differentiate with one's parent and maybe an elder sibling if one exists... this attempt at being different from the older is plausibly a way of telling that 'I have a mind of my own' may be not too much thought goes in, just the need to be different

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why Homogeneous,in a Heterogeneous India?

What got me going on this line of thought? Why Homogeneous,in a Heterogeneous India? Two incidents in the space of a few days. One, was a banter with friends over the brilliance of India not having a national language and existence of 26 odd official language (Though only yours truly seemed to see the brilliance :-) and was outnumbered two to one) the other was an article in Times of India Bangalore Homogeneous living. {and now (after i first published this piece) an article in Tehelka.com No entry, we are the meat nazis which is more disturbing}