Friday, August 19, 2011

The Anna Circus

The Indian media if not India has way too much sound bytes on Anna Hazare and amidst all this noise lot of real issues get buried. Few sensible voices (guess i find them sensible since they are akin to my beliefs) exist, not sure how much of it gets heard. Tavleen Singh is one and a recent interview of Nadan Nilekani had lot of sense in it. (Nadan Nilekani interview). No single law ever has solved any problem, there needs to be at all times a multi-pronged strategy to rectify any social malice and laws are surely a critical part of that strategy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Let the bird fly......

Let the bird fly, if it comes back it is yours,if it doesn't, it never ever was yours... as simple as it may sound, have seen very few people who have been able to put the concept in practice. More often then not, most of us hold onto people ever so tight, for the fear of loosing them. In the process doing them more harm by crowding them, hurting them and not letting them explore and find themselves. All this in the name of the immense love we have for them.