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Enid Blyton

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A list perpetually in the making...Some books in here are the ones I liked at the time i read them, not sure if all of them would fascinate me as much (chances are they would)...Not a comprehensive list again....

  1. Enid Blyton - Enid Blyton Wiki Page
  2. Harper Lee
    • Pink Whistle - Read this and binkle & flip even now in the pretext of reading it to my son
    • Binkle & Flip (book of bunnies)
  3. Amar Chitra Khata - Most of them - need to thank the publication for information and interest kindled
  4. Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Ema Orczy
  5. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
  6. To Sir With love - E R Braithwaite (never tire of reading it - highlly recommended)
  7. Mahabharata for kids by Rajagopalachari
  8. Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johonson 
  9. Sex is not a four letter word by Dr.Sudhakar Krishnamurti- A must read-informative& humorous - Sudhakar Krishnamurti
  10. Animal Farm - George Orwell
  11. To Kill a mocking bird - Harper Lee
  12. Harry Potter - J K Rowling
  13. The suitable Boy - Vikram Seth
  14. The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga
  15. The Reluctant Fundamentalist - Mohsin Hameed
    • Arthur Hailey: Have loved all his books few lines have stayed with me one is from Strong Medicine - a lesser man will have reminded me, he told me so..... his books gives one an insight into the working of the industry - Arthur Hailey - Wiki page
      • Final diagnosis
      • Overload
      • Airport
      • Hotel
      • Strong Medicine
      • Evening news
      • Arthur Hailey
      • Runway Zero eight - Not many pages,quick read, good one (also published as flight into danger)
    • A J Cronin - Another all time favourite - have loved all his books - A J Cronin wikipage
    • A J Cronin
      • Citadel
      • Pocketful of rye
      • The Keys of the kingdom (loved this book)
    • A J Quinnell - A J Quinnell wiki page
      • The Mahadi
      • The Siege of silence
      • In the name of the father (outstanding - a must read)
    • Dan Brown
      • Da vinci Code
      • Deception Point
      • Angels & Demons
    • Dominique Lapierre
    • Henry Denker
      • Freedom at midnight (Indian Independence movement) (With Larry Collins)
      • O Jerusalem (Birth of Israel) (written with Larry Collins)
      • Five Past Midnight in Bhopal  ( written with Javier Moro)
    • Frederick Forsyth Have liked most of his books
      • Icon
      • Odessa File
      • The Devil' alternative
    • Henry Denker - Brilliant - exceptional work - loved his books - Relatively lesser known
      • The Choice
      • Kate Kincaid
      • Outrage
      • The Experiment
    • Humphrey Hawksley
      • Dragon fire
      • Dragon strike
      • The Third world war
    • Jeffrey Archer: Loved all his books except the Prison diaries,they got drab after a point - one book should have done it... About Jeffrey Archer
    • Jeffrey Archer
      • Shall we tell the president (more so since it was the first Archer I read)
      • As the Crow Flies
      • Kane & Able
      • Not a penny less, not a penny more
      • The fourth Estate
      • A Matter of Honour
      • Prisoner by birth (loved the way he flicked Count of Monte Cristo)
      • Sons of fortune
      • First among equals
      • Paths of glory
    • John Grisham - Like most of  his books About John Grisham
    • John Grisham
      • The Berthen
      • The Rainmaker
      • The Runaway Jury
      • The Juror
      • The Pelican Brief
      • The Client
      • A Time to kill
      • The Innocent Man (True Story - non fiction) liked it a lot
    • Ken Follet - Another author where in I have liked all his books About Ken Follett
    • Ken Follet
      • Eye of the needle
      • On wings of eagles (true story - Ross Perot's rescue of EDS employees from Iran)
      • Lie down with the lions
      • Pillars of the earth
      • World without end
    • Leon Uris
      • Exodus
      • The Haj
    • Ramesh Menon:
      • Shiva Puranam
      • Ramayanam
    • Richard Bach: The first one  is a must read - the rest depends, as for myself liked them all. The rest many would find slow paced and far fetched - About Richard Bach
    • Richard Bach
      • Jonathan Livingston the seagull
      • Bi Plane
      • illusions
      • The Bridge Across forever
      • One
    • Robert Fulghum - Man with a varied background, the richness of which shows in his works.simple writing style.Brilliant body of work - About Robert Fulghum
    • Robert Fulghum
      • All I needed to learn, I learnt in kindergarten
      • Uh-Oh - some observations from both sides of the refrigerator door
      • From beginning to end  The rituals of our life
      • It Was on fire when I lay down on it
      • Maybe Maybe not
    • Stieg Larson
      • The girl with a dragon tattoo
      • The girl that played with fire
      • The girl who kicked the hornet's nest
    • Wilbur smith - Finds mention given a few brilliant pages.The elephant song - In the first few pages, the forest warden explains how & why culling the elephants is essential, the pain is  well captured. In Eagle in the sky the last few pages stand out - where the protagonist is making up his mind on what is the right thing to do. All his books have a fair share of Africa in it. Commendable body of work - About Wilbur Smith
      • Eagle in the sky 
      • Wilbur Smith
      • Elephant Song
    • The Shiva Trilogy - Amish ( Though it could have been a lot better being 2 books rather than 3)
    • Biographies
      • SMG a Biography of Sunil Manhor Gavaskar by Devendra Prabhudesai
      • Head On - Ian Botham
      • Open - Andre Agasi
      • Serious - John McEnroe
      • Pele - Pele
      • Straight from the gut - Jack Welch
      • Iacoccca an autobiography
      • Made in Japan - Akio Morita -Sony
      • Screw it lets do it & Loosing my virginity - Richard Branson
      • Who says Elephants can't dance - how i turned around IBM - Louis Gerstner Jr
      • Sharon Olds
      • The Stag's Leap - Sharon Olds  

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