Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Plus of reading online

One big plus I find of reading online, be it news or blogs or whatever else, is the easy access to the dictionary. Over the years have stumbled on words and at times have continued to stumble upon the same words, without knowing their exact meanings, most times the context of the line or the piece allows us to comprehend and hence we move on. The sheer effort of having to reach out for the dictionary, the need to leave a cozy chair or bed or where ever one is, many a times is more than enough to put it away for latter. A 'later' which rarely comes. The lethargy, inertia,potential of loosing continuity in our reading, does us in....

When reading online all it takes is opening a new tab with the dictionary on it (Which now for me is an habit is perpetually open in one tab). The advantages are many, more so for some one as lazy and unorganized as me. One does not have to go hunting for the dictionary, that done one would have to flip through pages and search the word out. If all that was not enough, if the word being hunted down is a slang or a relatively newer word which does not find a place in that edition, the hunt ends futile. Further, for some one like me whose understanding of phonetics would make a ten year old jump with joy and a sense of superiority..... An online dictionary is a sure blessing, where one could choose to listen to the word being called out. Not only does one get the meaning but also the correct pronunciation  of the word.

I for one, sure prefer cut & paste (ctrl c , ctrl v) to flipping through pages... Call me lazy!!!All this pretty much in real time, without having to move one's derriere or hinder one's reading by much...

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